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    Foundation laying ceremony of Phase II of Yuxin, a subsidiary of the group, in Suichuan County.

    Yuxin, a subsidiary of the group, is a PCB manufacturing base with a total investment of RMB5.1 billion. Its phase II is a major industrial project of Suichuan County in 2022.

    On February 2022, Suichuan County held a foundation laying ceremony for the major industrial projects in 2022. Wang Shaoxuan, the municipal Party secretary, and leaders from government departments of Sichuan County attended the ceremony; He Xiaobing, chairman of the group, delivered a speech on the ceremony.

    Phase II of Yuxin will realize mass production of double-sided PCBs for communication devices, laptop computers, etc. After being put into operation, it can manufacture 1,000,000m2 of products each month, providing better products and services for customers timelier.

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